Subtitles data supply

PDF: data supply for subtitles

  • format: *.stl EBU binary
  • alternative format: *.stp (Belle-Nuit)
  • maximum length of line approx. 56 characters (for DCP and TV-High definition)
  • Please consider that the time code relates to the 1st frame of action (ffoa) and not to the QuickTime which has been used for spotting
  • bilingual subtitles must be supplied as one file
  • in case of changes or corrections we need a new entire file of subtitles
  • changes of position of single subtitles must be included in the file. Please send as a note with containing all re-positions
  • For fonts like Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic and others please contact us
  • Please consider that the frame rate corresponds to the deliverables ordered

We also take care of the whole subtitling process, from translation to spotting and integration. Please contact us.