We work with a team of professionally qualified translators with many years of specialised experience in subtitling. This allows us to provide finely tailored subtitles with careful attention to both language and the specificities of cinema, in the following languages:

  • German
  • French
  • English
  • Italian

On request, we can also offer subtitling in other languages.

Additionally, we can also take care of adapting or combining existing subtitles.

For an optimal preparation, we recommend that you send us detailed information as well as any special requests you may have concerning your project.

A list of films for which we did the spotting and translations can be found here.

Data delivery for finished subtitles

PDF: Data delivery for subtitles

If you would like to send us your finished subtitles instead, please note the following guidelines so that we can integrate them into the project as easily as possible:

  • We process all usual subtitle formats such as srt, stl, stp, xml and mvtt.
  • Lines should not exceed 42 characters for single-language subtitles. For bilingual subtitles (using only 1 line per language), the length can be up to 50 characters per line.
  • Longer lines are possible, but may not be accepted by some TV or streaming providers, and are not ideal for the viewers.
  • Please make sure that the timecode is relative to the FFoA (first frame of action), not the start of the Quicktime file used for spotting, which could be different.
  • Bilingual subtitles must be sent as a single file.
  • If there are extensive changes and corrections to the subtitles, we need a file of the complete subtitles.
  • Changes in the positioning of individual subtitles must be included in the file. Please let us know where the file contains repositioning.
  • For subtitles in other scripts like Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillc, etc., please contact us.
  • Please make sure that the subtitles’ framerate matches the ordered deliverables