We like the challenge of finding the optimal technical solution to realize your artistic visions and ideas for your cinema, TV features or documentaries. We assist you throughout the production phase to ensure post-production quality and process optimization. You are given expert advice from camera settings to title credits.
We take care of you in all post-production processes, from color grading, credits and subtitles to visual effects. Our company offers the unique opportunity to view and check all work on a large screen in our in-house cinemas

Our offer:
•    Picture Design (colorcorrection / colorgrading)
•    Title graphics
•    Vfx
•    Subtitling
•    Duplications / Deliverables
•    Format conversions
•    DCP
•    TV-Master
•    Support

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you and give you a quote on request.

Technical information regarding data supply / color grading and post-production