PDF: DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Data Supply

General remarks

All data required to produce a DCP should be supplied in DCI-compliant format (image, sound, and subtitle). Should this not be possible, we will perform the necessary conversions of the data supplied. Alternative supply data

DCPs can be produced using 24 or 25 frames per second (fps). 24 fps is the more common standard; not all cinemas are equipped to project 25 fps DCPs. (Above all in not europeen countries).
The image, sound and subtitles files must all be equal in length. This means that from the first frame of action (ffoa) to the last frame of action (lfoa), everything that needs to be seen on screen must be included, also any black sequences before or after the film.

Subtitling options:

  1. The subtitles are burnt into the frames and thus totally connected with the corresponding frames. Each subtitle version represents a separate DCP (higher costs). This possibility offers optimal compatibility. Recommended for large releases or for exploitation in countries that do not normally screen subtitled versions.
  2. The subtitles are separate in the DCP and are combined with the image during screening. Several subtitle versions can be included in one single DCP. Subtitle versions may be added or left out.
    This may occasionally cause problems in cinemas which are not optimally equipped.

Technical specifications for DCI-compliant data

tiff, dpx or JPEG2000 files; progressiv
color space: REC 709 (Gamma2.2 or 2.4) or XYZ (Gamma 2.6)
for 1:1.85: 1998×1080 px (2K) or 3996×2160 px (4K)
for 1:1.77: 1920×1080 px (2K) or 3840×2160 px (4K)
for scope 1:2.39: 2048×858 px (2K) or 4096×1716 px (4K)
for full-container: 2048×1080 px (2K) or 4096×2160 px (4K)

Separate reels or continuous (with corresponding sound and/or subtitles)
First frame of action to last frame of action (ffoa to lfoa)
Do not use special characters (ä, é, @ etc.) in the file names!

wav files, 5.1 sound (2-channel sound or 7.1 sound, respectively), 24-bit
each channel must be supplied separately (not interlaced)
24 fps (25 fps for 25 fps DCPs, respectively)
Separate reels or continuous (with corresponding image and/or subtitles)
First frame of action to last frame of action (ffoa to lfoa)
Please make sure that the mixed sound dynamics correspond to cinema screening requirements.
Do not use special characters (a, e, @ etc.) in the file names!

xml files corresponding to DCI standard
Separate reels or continuous (corresponding to image and/or sound)
Conforming to frame rate (24 or 25 fps).
First frame of action = “00:00:00:01”
Do not use special characters (ä, é, @ etc.) in the file names!


Alternative supply data (not DCI-compliant)

We produce DCI-compliant 2K files from the following:
QuickTime ProRes
(other formats on request)

We can perform conversions from 25 fps to 24 fps, but without pitch correction. To obtain pitch correction, please contact your sound studio. In addition, we can produce wav files of sound supplied on tape (HDCam SR and Digibeta).

Preferred formats: srt, stl, stp, xml and mvtt files
Other formats on request

The DCPs produced by us can be screened and checked in our DCI-compliant cinemas.

If you have any questions, please call us or send us an email.