PDF: Data supply for credits

Title design made by Andromeda Film AG

  • If the title design should be made by one of our graphic designer, we just need a text file (word.doc, rtf or similar). We also need all the logotypes as vector based graphic file preferably (exp: Illustrator file); you also can send us other image file formats as: tiff, tif, jpg or similar.
  • Please look at our examples for designs and fonts.


Title design made externally

  • In that case we need the titles as tiff file (or dpx) with alpha channel. Please consider that the resolution of the file matches with the resolution of your project. (We prefer 10-bit or more)
    The files can be LZW compressed.
  • If you want animated titles you should provide us a file sequence (tiff or dpx). Please send us the sequence with clearly defined numbers for every image(0001, 0002 etc…).
  • End roll credits can also be animated by us. In this case wie need a tiff file with alpha channel, the width should match the format of your project. We prefer 10-bit or more.
    The file can be LZW compressed.
    Please be aware that external title files cannot be corrected by us.
  • Please consider that titles out of the title safe area could be cut on screen.
  • If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate in contacting us.
  • Im Zweifelsfalle mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen und einen Test schicken